Custom Information

Ruger can design and build a Lift Truck or Stacker with features that will meet your specific needs. Ruger can build Lift Trucks and Stackers that will accommodate any load size, space restriction, floor condition or run time requirement that you might have.

Ruger Custom Lift Trucks and Stackers offer a wide range of customizable options…

  • Wide base for extra wide loads
  • Full range of lift heights
  • High speed Lift
  • Explosion proof design
  • Spark resist designs
  • Variety of leg designs
  • Wide Range of Load Capabilities
  • Stainless steel
  • … and many others to meet almost any need

All Ruger Lift Trucks and Stackers meet or exceed ASME PASE standards, which require design and build to 150% of rated capacity and are ANSI Z.535 compliant

Ruger Custom designed Lift Trucks and Stackers can accommodate a wide variety of applications across many diverse industries. All of our Lift Trucks and Stackers are engineered to be cost-effective, dependable, ergonomic and safe to operate.

All Custom Lift Truck/Stackers are available in Stainless Steel

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All Ruger Industries products are proudly made in the U.S.A.