Compare Floor Crane Construction Details:

Don't confuse a Ruger product with one of those run-of-the-mill lightweight imports! Everything about a Ruger is heavyweight and built for continuous industrial duty.



import floor crane frame

Frame: Bolted and welded

custom floor crane frame

Frame: All welded

import floor crane casters

No way to lubricate casters … a "throw-away" part?

custom floor crane casters

Axel and bearing can be lubricated for long life

import floor crane casters

Casters: Small diameter, are hard to push

large diameter floor crane casters

Casters: Large diameter, reduces rolling force

import floor crane tubing

Light gauge 1/8" tubing

custom floor crane tubing

ASTM A500 Grade B structural tubing 1/4 - 1/2" wall thickness

import floor crane casters

Steering: Wheels are mounted in corners, which require extra "muscle" to steer

EZ Steer design

Steering: EZ Steer two wheel design is standard on Reverse Style cranes. Works like a tiller to make steering three times as easy.

Meets ASME PALD Standards?

Meets ASME PALD Standards?
Every Ruger product is permanently marked with load capacity … and meets PALD.

Made in USA? Probably not.

EZ Steer design

Made in USA: Absolutely!

Yes, a less expensive import may be rated (on paper) as having the same capacity as a Ruger, but compare the weights of a typical crane:

Import 4000 lb. rated = 234 lbs.
Ruger 4000 lb. rated = 645 lbs.

More weight means more durability and longer life under tough conditions. You can see and feel the difference.