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  • Portable Crane Products Are Alternatives to Fork Lift Trucks
    STREETSBORO, OH — July 31, 2013 — Ruger Industries, Inc., has announced a series of full power hydraulic floor crane products. These portable cranes can lift and transport up to 6000 lbs. without effort using electrically-actuated traction and hydraulics. They are particularly valuable in replacing manual lifting equipment, as they provide an ergonomic, strain-free solution to moving heavy loads. — Read more

    Foldable Stainless Steel Floor Crane Announced
    STREETSBORO, OH — February 13, 2012 — The David Round Company has announced that its Ruger Industries Division is now manufacturing foldable stainless steel floor cranes. The portable cranes retract into a compact size when not in use, to save space in storage. David Round will demonstrate the new stainless hydraulic cranes at Booth 1105 of the Interphex 2012™ pharmaceutical manufacturing trade show in May, 2012. — Read more

    Stainless Steel Lift Tables for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Announced
    STREETSBORO, OH — April 19, 2011 — The David Round Company has announced that its Ruger Industries Division is producing all-stainless steel lift tables, specifically designed for use within the controlled environments found in pharmaceutical manufacturing. These Ruger Industries lift tables feature protected hydraulics and a highly polished finish to facilitate wash-downs. They are designed to meet both the complex requirements demanded by the pharmaceutical industry as well as providing the maximum ergonomic benefits of a lift table. — Read more

    The David Round Company, Inc., Manufacturer of Industrial Hoist, Winch and Crane Equipment, Moves to Larger Facility
    STREETSBORO, OH — July 1, 2010 — The David Round Company, Inc. has announced that is has purchased a new manufacturing facility located in Streetsboro, Ohio. Effective July 1, 2010 the company will consolidate its operations into the new headquarters after operating in Solon, Ohio for over 50 years. The David Round Company has been a fixture in Northeast Ohio for over 141 years and is a leading manufacturer of material handling equipment. Ruger Industries is a division of The David Round Company, Inc. — Read more

Portable Crane, Engine Hoist, Floor Crane, Engine Crane and Shop Crane Products

Highly maneuverable portable crane products, also known as floor crane, engine hoist, engine crane or shop crane devices are designed and made by Ruger Industries. These portable crane products provide many ergonomic benefits compared to traditional lift trucks. Ruger makes both full power floor crane as well as manual portable crane items. We also manufacture specialty material handling equipment, such as stainless steel lift tables.

We have the ability (and desire) to custom engineer lifting products to meet your specific needs. Check out our crane attachments/crane options for special features to improve your material handling.

Whether you call it an engine hoist, engine crane, floor crane, portable crane, or shop crane we will build it to last under heavy industrial use: See a comparison of construction details versus other engine hoist products at “Built Like a Tank.”

Portable crane products can help eliminate many back-breaking activities while easily navigating standard door openings, narrow aisles and elevators. As highly manueverable material handling equipment, our engine hoist products are often seen as safer, smaller and less expensive alternatives to tow motor-type lift trucks.

All Ruger Floor Cranes
Meet or Exceed ASME PALD Standards,
which require Design and Build
to 150% of Rated Capacity.

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